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What I Will Miss About Mornings in Colombia

I awoke between 4 am and 5:30 am most days, what a special time

Waking up between 3 and 5 am, According to the Chinese Body Clock, this is when the meridian that services your lungs is strongest, replenishing them and giving them a boost of energy for the day ahead. Waking up and coughing during this time could be a sign that you need to consume healthier food or breathe cleaner air.

The spiritual meaning for waking up at 4 am: “you are in a period of ascending, rising and making great change in your life. As you usher in the new, you have to work on being willing to let go of the old.”

Here are some of those things that I will miss from my mornings in Colombia but may in fact return another day for more.

The proximity of the jungle. When I was in the Amazon Jungle in Peru, I knew I would return to the Amazon but spending 6 months in Medellin, a city that feels like being inside a jungle I believe has allowed me to fulfill that communication with the natural elements.

It has been a very spiritual time for me, while I did not get to experience working with plant-based medicines as I had hoped, it was a spiritual awakening for me regardless.

The proximity of the equator, I have never been closer and there is an energy here that cannot be explained but I accept that it is one of the reasons I stayed here

I enjoyed the company of nature so often during my time here and that starts before sunrise;

- Rains in the morning that awaken you to the gentle tap tap on the window

- Sunny mornings when the heat is almost too much by 8 am

- The weather – perpetual spring in Medellin

- Birds awakening after me and greeting me with their song

- The biodiversity from animals to plants, insects and more

- Fresh Local Colombian Coffee, I get it delivered from a farm around Medellin

Me encanta Medellin

Amor siempre y para siempre por Colombia


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