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Award-Winning Leader | Intersectional Gender Diversity Advocate |
Creating Safe Spaces | Championing Human Rights |

Driving Psychological Safety


I am Cynthia Fortlage, an award-winning leader with over 25 years of experience in senior leadership positions across IT and marketing. I have a unique perspective on tackling the complexities of gender diversity, which I believe lies at the intersection of human rights, sexuality, gender, and privilege.

I currently serve on the board of Outright International, a global LGBTIQ human rights organisation and UN Secretariat for LGBTIQ issues. Through my board roles, I have passionately advocated for the rights and well-being of individuals from diverse gender identities and expressions.

My mission is to create safe spaces where everyone feels they belong. I firmly believe everyone deserves to be treated with unwavering dignity and respect, irrespective of gender identity or expression.

As a certified mentor and a seasoned expert in diversity and inclusion, I possess an in-depth understanding of the challenges organisations face. I have collaborated with over 400 organisations of all sizes in over 30 countries, assisting them in cultivating inclusive and welcoming workplaces.

With a unique lens of two genders of experience, I offer insights and guidance to navigate gender diversity challenges effectively.

Driven by a desire for a just and equitable world, I believe gender equality is paramount. Together, let's shatter barriers and foster environments where all individuals thrive.

Renowned for my ability to captivate audiences on every level, I have been hailed as "an amazing lecturer and teacher for those in hearing distance." Whether delivering inspiring speeches online or in person, I use the power of storytelling to share knowledge, vulnerability, and passion.

Board Experience: Driving Transformational Change

National Board Chair: Women's March Canada
Board President: Rainbow Resource Centre
Board Member: Outright International



2024 British Diversity Awards Shortlisted Hero of the Year

2020 Yahoo! Finance & Involve Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives
2019 Finalist: CIO of the Year by Women in IT Awards
2016, 2017, 2018 Financial Posts & Involve Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives
2016: Named One of the 20 Most Influential CIOs by CXO Talk


Ready to create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace? Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me to assist you with reshaping perspectives, breaking down barriers, and unlocking the true power of diversity and inclusion.

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Where I Volunteer My Time.

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Mentoring Program

Our Values

At the heart of our organisation are our values, which reflect our commitment to inclusivity. We believe in creating a safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of background or identity. Our values are accompanied by related words and beliefs that further reinforce our commitment to inclusivity. By embracing these values, we strive to build a culture that celebrates diversity and promotes equality.

1 / Authentic

 - Respecting other's time          - Without EGO

- We are accepting.                    - No Judgement

- Independent.                           - Open to new ideas

- Loyal                                       - Relationship Based

- Being Courageous                    - Act with Integrity

- Trustworthy                              - We believe in Diversity

- Doing the Deep Work                - We are Unique

- Act Transparently

2 / Optimistic

- Take Big Leaps                          - Be an Agent of Change

- Be Joyful                                   - Willing to Help

- Be Fair                                       - Be Encouraging

- Move Forward in Life                - Believe in Reciprocity

3 / Current

- Find Insight                               - Lead

- Inspires                                    - Be Contemplative

- Have Knowledge                      -  Share Wisdom

- Be Spiritual                              - Innovate

- Be Creative

4 / Caring

 - Be Kind                                  - Show Gentleness

- Give Gratitude                         - Be Loving

- Show Respect                         - Be Courteous

- Smile                                      - Be Generous

- Be Social                                - Fun Loving

- Appreciative                            - Be forgiving

- Create Contentment               - Be at Peace


Are you curious to learn more, let's connect.

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