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I am Cynthia! I am an award-winning speaker and consultant who brings a unique insight of One Leader with Two Genders of experience to every organisation while helping them at the intersection of human rights, sexuality, gender, and privilege to create intentional cultures where people feel they belong.

My What, How, and Why
> Helping organisations solve diversity challenges through my unique lens of one leader with two genders of experience is my What.
> Using Acceptance without Understanding™ is my How.
> Creating safe spaces where people feel they belong is my Why!

Coming out at the height of my corporate C Suite career has been life-changing but challenging. Beyond the insights from decades of experience as a senior executive & board leader, I have collated much wisdom since I began focusing on helping create safe spaces for people in 2017. I want others to leverage this collection of knowledge to help make their organisation a safe space.

Global Speaking Experience
I have been called “an amazing lecturer and teacher for those in hearing distance.” I share knowledge through stories with vulnerability and a passion that connects with audiences on every level. I am well-spoken and publicised in the media and have presented at 400+ events in 30+ countries, both online and in person.

I can Help You!
By leveraging my broad skill sets and experiences, I consult with corporate clients on challenges and opportunities using my unique lens, including:

- Gender-related education and workshops
- Create awareness of privilege
- Developing intentional cultures
- Policy language reviews
- Organisational system and process reviews
- Developing an inclusive strategy
- Facilitating diversity-related workshops and discussions
- Transgender experiences in life and work

Board Experience
I have been part of 14+ boards, including as a founding member numerous times. I have served as National Board Chair for Women's March Canada, a feminist organisation. I was the Board President for Rainbow Resource Centre in Winnipeg, Canada. I am a Stonewall Housing (UK) board member and Board Member for the International LGBTIQ organisation and UN Secretariat Outright International based in New York City.

Notable Awards:
2020 Yahoo! finance & Involve Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives
2019 Finalist CIO of the Year by Women in IT Awards
2016, 2017, 2018 Financial Posts & Involve Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives
2016 One of the 20 Most Influential CIOs by CXO Talk

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My Story

According to some folks, I was living the perfect life. It was a good life, but I was not feeling fulfilled or using words I will use throughout this book; I did not feel myself authentically. I was an actor playing a role that others told me who I was and how I was to act, think, and be. As a method actor, I watched others and copied behaviours to fill in the missing pieces when I didn't have guidance. Many would say I was successful as I accomplished much and achieved the things that define success in a patriarchal capitalist society.


Life is full of transitions, and mine was no different.


I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and due to the civil troubles in the early 1970s, my family of origin immigrated to Canada, where I grew up. That was my first transition, changing my home country at a very young age. I grew up in a middle-class neighbourhood and graduated high school at 17. I initially had no post-secondary education but returned after securing a role where I would benefit from the education. I began work right after high school. I was promoted into consecutively elevated positions, successfully changing industries during that career. I met this girl, and eventually, we got married. As we prepared for children, I changed religions from Irish Protestant to Roman Catholic. My second major transition in life was changing my faith. Although they are both Christian-based, it wasn't conceptually very different; only the sacraments and services differed. We had a son and then a daughter, both June babies, although they are four years apart. I acquired post-secondary education throughout this phase of my life and grew from that naive junior role I started with into an executive position. That role blossomed into opportunities to participate in advisory group roles and not-for-profit boards, including creating groups to bring folks together around common points of view. This was a role model life of a successful man by many accounts, but I wasn't a man!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

WhatsApp +44 07832154610

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