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The Steps to Critical Thinking

In the first stage of preparing for a life of acceptance, you are asked to think through your beliefs and values and re-evaluate them in light of this journey you will embark upon.

One of the tools I use is to practise thinking critically as you re-evaluate how you came about your values and beliefs and to question if you still feel that those are authentic to you or not.

The goal here is not to try and change them right away, just to identify what is authentic to you and what may need to be refined going forward.

Now would be a good time to review what is Critical Thinking;

Critical thinking is a tool by which one can come about reasoned conclusions based on a reasoned process. This process incorporates passion and creativity but guides it with discipline, practicality and common sense

- Google Search Definition

When I teach critical thinking here is the process I recommend you follow;

• Recognize problems, to find workable means for meeting those problems

• Understand the importance of prioritization and order of precedence in problem-solving

• Gather and marshal pertinent (relevant) information

• Recognize unstated assumptions and values

• Comprehend and use language with accuracy, clarity, and discernment

• Interpret data, to appraise evidence and evaluate arguments

• Recognize the existence (or non-existence) of logical relationships between propositions

• Draw warranted conclusions and generalizations

• Put to test the conclusions and generalizations at which one arrives

• Reconstruct one's patterns of beliefs on the basis of wider experience

• Render accurate judgments about specific things and qualities in everyday life

This is one tool you use to begin your journey towards acceptance, you will find that you will come back and use this process over and over again I order to arrive at an authentic life.

Start Your Journey Today

I hoped you enjoyed this piece and if you're committed to awakening your awareness and working on your personal and professional life I am ready to help you today.

Con Amor Y. Abrazos de Colombia


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