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Acceptance without Understanding™ - Fulfilling a Need

Have you ever felt that you found your purpose in life? What about having something to say that you felt should be said globally? What about having a deep desire to help people realize their human potential?

I didn't for over 50 years, so if you don't feel any of those things that's ok.

Once you do feel them though you have to do something about it!

That's where I am now. Developing my full-time practice doing what I have naturally done for others who are ready to be open, honest, and transparent in order to reach their potential in a variety of situations.

You may wish to be promoted within your industry, maybe it's just putting life into perspective, or perhaps it's even bigger changes in your life. It can also be simple and that is a desire to be more open and accepting of diversity inclusion and equity in your life or business.

This is what I desire to do and help folks on their path to reach their human potential.

What I am not is a therapist, or mental health professional. I am not an HR specialist, nor a Resume or Job search specialist. I know folks who are so if you need them I can connect you but it's always best you are in control of your life and career!

I have tested and developed my coaching over the past few years, so if that's something you always have considered as a business professional, please consider contacting me to discuss your needs.

My focus is on helping women advance in business, from desk to the boardroom because there's not enough of us. I also focus on LBGT+ persons with a specialized focus on Transgender individuals in business. I work with small business owners and men as well.

Please feel free to share this initiative with anyone who you think may be needing my services, I wish you acceptance without understanding™ in all aspects of your life!

Con Amor Y Abrazos de Colombia, Cynthia

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