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A New (Normal) Way Forward

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Who would have thought 2020 would have turned out the way it has, and we are only halfway through the year so far.

I know my plans where to be travelling the globe, and currently in Asia, is where I would be as I write this, my son would have just joined me in Japan.

I am of course still enjoying my time during a lockdown, with partial restrictions still in place in Medellin, Colombia.

We, of course, know that COVID-19 had other ideas for the planet and our plans.

One aspect that stands out to me is the shift to importance based on a relationship.

Our relationship with the planet stands out as a top priority. If we do not take care of the earth, we have to be clear that the earth doesn’t need us, we do need the planet though.

As far as human relationships go, if you haven’t heard yet, #BlackLivesMatter

The disassembly of systems that oppress people due to their skin colour and elimination of racism is top of mind, and I would suggest when it comes to you believing that All Lives Matter, you’re not listening. Let me share with you some free advice, Shut Up and Listen!

No one is saying all lives don’t matter!

This analogue helped me explain it; your neighbourhood represents all Lives. One house is on fire! The fire department rushes to your area, and they don’t spray water on All Houses, just the one on fire. Black Lives is that house of fire!

Just as we call the fire department for that emergency, we need to address the systemic issues of racism against Black Lives as they Matter just as much as everyone else. It an issue of equity, not a question of equality.

While we are fixing issues related to human relationships here are a few other groups in no particular order that we should be addressing;

  • People of Colour (POC)


  • Physically Diverse

  • Cognitively Diverse

  • Women

  • Etc.

I will share another piece this month on the four issues that I believe can bind all these groups together. Don’t wait, keep doing the work towards addressing #BlackLIvesMatter.

Here is what I see as the most exciting aspect that seems forgotten; the accumulative voting power of these groups holds the majority. Yet to be clear, the financial strength, representation, and safety in society only represent the existing power structures, which are primarily (not solely) white heterosexual males.

A system that enables ALL, not some, to fully participate and take advantage of these aspects and more, is a society that is addressing equity and equality amongst other systemic issues that seek to oppress those that don’t look like, think like, or act like the people in these places of power and privilege.

I know what this is like as I was part of that system fully participating in the power and privilege as a white male.

As a woman who is has a transgender history, I see the world through very different eyes these days. I can compare how the world worked for me before compared to now. I can give back through my coaching practice; I show women and 2SLGBTQIA+ professionals how to understand this world that exists and get it to work for them in their professional pursuits.

If you are interested in how I can help you take advantage of this world, schedule your no-charge 30-minute introductory call today.

Con armour y abrazos de Colombia,


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