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Acceptance without Understanding Evolved!!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I had an exciting moment this week, I restrain myself from wanting to call it an epiphany I see it as an evolution rather than a new previously unseen discovery.

It's exciting to experience the growth of an idea, especially since it came from the growth in my own life.

Take a watch and share some feedback as to how it resonates with you?


Hey everyone, Cynthia here. Good morning from Columbia, I wanted to come to you today to share a brief insight with you. So, for if you've known me for a while, you've certainly heard me talk about acceptance without understanding. Now, acceptance without understanding. Those that do recall, came from my own personal history. I've been loved enough but not loved enough to be accepted. And really, that gets into a whole dialogue. When we talk about unconditional love, whether we're talking about as a partner, or kids etc. And that really true love becomes this idea of love and acceptance of the person that you're with. So, this week, I've had a really interesting evolution in the thought process to deal with it. Now I've never said that you never need to understand. I've always talked about it in a post-acceptance world. And I think that there really helped people grasp the depth of understanding of this is going to start changing the phrase a little bit. What you're going to hear me say is not just acceptance without understanding, but we begin with acceptance without understanding and we grow, to acceptance with understanding. Again, let me say that for you, we begin with acceptance without understanding. But we grow, to have acceptance with understanding. In other words, in order to establish that connection with someone a human connection We need to accept each other. And as we accept each other, we will naturally have dialogue, that dialogue will lead to understanding. And so, therefore, we grow in getting to know each other, to have acceptance with understanding. So again, we begin with acceptance without, understanding, and we grow to acceptance with understanding. So that's going to be my evolution. I'm continuing to work on it and refine it, but I really wanted to share it with you to let you know that even in my world, I continue to grow and I just accept that this journey is a continuing journey of growth. Let me say that again. Acceptance is a journey that you continually grow. So please join me in acceptance without understanding so that we can grow to acceptance with understanding. And today I think as a society we need that more than ever. Con Amor Y Abrazods de Colombia.



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