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When the Best is not the Easiest

What is the best (not easiest) path for you to take - Cynthia Fortlage

Each one of us has a unique path in life that sets us apart from one another. The choices we make along this path define us, even if they are not always the easiest ones to make.

During my spiritual awakening, I chose to accept a path full of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, which I call the F.U.D. Factor. This path led me to my raison d'être, which is to share the message of Acceptance without Understanding with the world. I am currently editing my first book on this topic and have been researching the history of this concept. Many people find my message of acceptance resonates with them and applies to the tumultuous world we live in today.

Initially, I believed that this message was meant to help me through the breakdown of my marriage after I came out as my authentic self. However, through multiple spiritual encounters, I confirmed that I was being called to share this message with the world. While I am not the only person sharing this message throughout time, I believe we have a unique perspective worth sharing.

I understand the challenges of carrying this message globally and have encountered many fears, uncertainties, and doubts along the way. Despite these challenges, I know that living a life of acceptance towards others is a gift we can give to others daily.

My deepest desire is to help people avoid the pain I experience during my journey. While there are ups and downs along the way, I believe that living life through Acceptance without Understanding leads to a more authentic and fulfilling life. Allowing others to live authentically will enable us to find Acceptance with Understanding.

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