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What’s your Raison D’ Etre?

street view of a french village
French Village

Do you know you’re calling in life, or as the French say, “Raison d’etre” (in English: Reason for Being)?

I never thought I had for the first five decades of my life.

I wasn’t until I began a life journey that had me throw out every preconceived notion of how life was supposed to go and examine every element again before accepting it back into my life.

That reason for being was to be a vessel to share the message of acceptance with you and everyone on this planet.

I didn’t begin my journey there; in fact, as I had written about before, it began in such a vulnerable place personally.

From this place of vulnerability, everything I had accepted was crushed in a moment by words and behaviours that left me alone. Yet, I was still living with my marital family at the time, and I was left with nothing but to begin again.

In that instant, I was feeling lost and began walking a journey to find myself again. Along the way, I share the lessons I am learning with you, teach those ready to learn and continue advocating and sharing for acceptance as a philosophy to live your life personally and professionally.

Rejection is the inverse of acceptance, and through this rejection, it was my pathway to find acceptance. About 2 years later, I heard the message that was being sent to me to share this message as my raison d’etre.

Acceptance has taught me that you do not need to go through that sort of rejection by others to begin your own journey.

It can begin by realizing that you want more from life & work. It could be that you, like me, believe in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and aspire to pursue a journey towards self-actualization as Maslow defined it. Of course, many other factors can initiate the desire to seek guidance to begin your own journey.

Just realize that your search for your journey to begin doesn’t need to be born out of rejection by others.

This is what is the first stage of preparing yourself for acceptance is about.

Doing the work to listen to your why! Your why is the reason you do something, and when the journey seems really tough, it is focusing on your why that will get you through that as you seek a goal of a higher purpose than yourself. That’s why self-actualization is seen as aspirational in nature, it is something we work to rise to, and it keeps propelling us forward.

When you begin this journey, there are three things you will need; if you don’t have them, don’t worry; I will let you know what you need and when you need it.

I have spent this past year travelling or as much as one could do in a Covid world. From that, I can tell you that this journey you are about to embark upon, you don’t need to pack everything at once; I will let you know what is needed so you can bring that when required rather carrying it all the time if I have it I will gladly share what I have.

What we will need through this journey are skills, tools, and supports.


Skills are those particular aspects that we've learned to build some level of competency. If you don’t have a skill, I will help you develop one or guide you in finding where you can develop it.


Tools are those things that you go to when you know that you need them. They may be in the form of books, a pen and paper, simple behaviours used to centre yourself.


Supports for me are relationships, such as relationships with other people, relationships with spirit; relationships with nature; and relationships with myself.

This is not a journey devoid of danger and adventure, nor is it a journey that should begin on a whim.

The danger of growing beyond your current limitations.

The adventure of living a life you desire.

A life lived with intention and purpose.

If that’s for you, then we need to work together today.

Love N Hugs,



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