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What is a Human Centric World?

When I talk about Acceptance without Understanding ™ I always refer to it as a way to live in a human-centric world. So what does that mean?

In short, it means that the world is not about material things. Material things are creature comforts or excess, or like a peacock who displays its feathers to show how bright, shiny and pretty they are, we use material possessions in the same way.

I was one of those pretty peacocks before, and I still enjoy my creature comforts. But I won't lie what I have grown to realize is so valuable are the human relationships I have or had in my life.

There are obvious ones such as my children, while grown and very functional adults on their own, I cherish the relationship we have had to redefine together over the past handful of years and what exists today is a better more true relationship than ever before.

Then there are expected relationships through friendships and acquaintances. There are varying degree's of course but realizing the ones who are closest to me and being prepared to be more open, rawer for them and they in turn with me. After all, in an age of social distancing, I am at a great distance physically, we need to still be there for each other.

What I have found so surprising is that my awareness and care extends beyond the obvious to ones that some might say I am not making good choices about. I worry about my ex who is a nurse and my kids are living with. I hope she is ok and taking care of herself, she is the kind of person who would put herself out there at possible risk for others. I hope my kids are taking care of her as I know she will be taking good care of them.

I worry about my family, immediate and extended who have chosen to disown me or behave in a similar manner. They too are still blood and while there is no relationship today I can't but help worry that they too are staying safe and well during this time.

What I am not worried about is myself, because I am working on that relationship with myself every darn day because I am worth it.

I know I am stronger than I thought, smarter than I gave myself credit for, and have a great capacity for emotions and love than I thought was possible let alone reasonable.

As I continue to grow into myself, living Acceptance without Understanding ™ every day, I continue to share with you snippets of insight from the universe, if you aren't sure where to begin your journey to living fully in this human-centric world, I am here to help.

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