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The Top 10 Songs of My Life

If I asked you to name the top 10 songs that defined key moments of your life, could you?

Do you relate music to events of your life? I know I do. I find music evokes emotion for me.

I created this really interesting playlist of songs with meaning on Spotify (

If you wanted to listen to the playlist on Spotify follow this link (

The purpose behind the playlist is a way to do the deep work when I am struggling through an issue in my past. By having something that I hear that evokes an emotion of that moment allows me to go really deep.

In preparing the way forward to accept I must first go back and do the work to accept my past as a gateway to accepting going forward.

The universe doesn't let stuff go, you may find like me that it gets louder and louder until you address an issue that it keeps telling you to.

As I found recently I didn't even have any conscious memory of events but the more I dug, the deeper I went the more the visions became clear. It took over three months to get to the bottom of identifying the issue. Now it's conscious I can deal with it properly with mental health support, energy work, and good ol' fashioned deep sisterly chats over a glass of wine., or at least that's some of the ways I am working through the issues deep work brings up.

Speaking of deep sisterly chats over a glass of wine or whatever is your beverage of choice (non-alcoholic counts), you may be interested in an upcoming sisterhood event we are hosting;

August 27th, 2020

6:30 PM BST or 12:30 PM CST

Wine, Women, and a Good Girls Guide To ... whatever you need it to be!

So watch the videos I made to tell some of the stories behind the songs and listen to the playlist, and follow the series of to the 10 songs from my life, let me know your thoughts?



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