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Song #9 - Belfast Hornpipe - James Galway

This. is a song is about my Mom. You may guess from the song in the playlist that it's not my normal style of music, and you would be right.

As I looked for music that reminded me about my Mom, there were very few pivotal events as Mom was always there my life, so. no specific songs about the times she was visibly in my life because she always was.

Mom went to school with James Galway if I recall the story correctly, so finding this story that evokes memories of stories my Mom (or Mum if you prefer) and her school mate playing I find comforting.

While our relationship was heavily strained in the last few years of her life, I reflect on the last day I got to spend a significant amount of time together, she introduced me to nurses and doctors as her daughter Cynthia. I know she was trying to accept even though she may not have been there yet.

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So watch the video I made to tell some of the stories behind the song and listen to the playlist, and follow the series of to the 10 songs from my life, let me know your thoughts?

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