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Song #8 - Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

This is the last song about my Dad! This song I listened too on repeat moments after finding out about his passing, it was the only concert I ever saw with him.

That day I was a woman of honour for a dear friend and I couldn't let her down. Dad was gone and there was nothing going to see his body would change, the family around him didn't want me around anyway. So I went numb for a few hours and sat with his memories as we had just reconnected less than 48 hours earlier after a very estranged 2 years as I transitioned.

Our last words to each other were, "I Love You"

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So watch the video I made to tell some of the stories behind the song and listen to the playlist, and follow the series of to the 10 songs from my life, let me know your thoughts?

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