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Something Strange

Something strange has been happening lately.

I start writing without a title or theme.

You see, words start to flow through me and onto the page, I don’t know where the story will go, but I keep sharing it as my job is to be the vessel that delivers messages of acceptance to you.

This job is made infinitely easier with short nails. If you know me personally, you know I love my long fingernails.

I was completing drying from a shower, and I felt a nail of my baby finger catch the towel. I cut it short and left the others long as I do until the short one regrows. This time two more broke before I finished getting dressed. The next day I had another break. So before I had a break to the quick of my nail bed, I cut them all short.

Ever since I did that, I write without a title or theme, usually where I start.

Where today took me

It’s raining today, and I see it as a blanket of rain over the area.

This blanket of rain reminds me of a weighted blanket.

Not a light summer blanket, but a weighted blanket. It’s more like a classic heavy blanket used long ago, not one of the more modern weighted blankets.

I recall one of my favourites long ago was an old horse blanket covered in a new outer casing to keep the itch of that heavy blanket from being felt on your skin.

I never knew it was a horse blanket when I first used it. When I commented to the homeowner that I loved that blanket, they tell me its history as they knew it.

The benefit of a horse blanket or a weighted blanket is you activate your senses with a blanket like that.

I can feel it physically against my body. It’s a weight pressing upon my shoulders when I stand up with it around me, it caressing my body as if someone is holding me while sleeping.

I know it’s there. Its physical weight means that my mind knows it’s there. It isn’t just some ephemeral feeling of being warm with a modern space age blanket, I know it’s there, and the feelings I have are due to this blanket.

This physical reaction that I cognitively acknowledge also leads to an emotional response to this blanket feeling. The comfort and safety of being held or wrapped tightly while resting almost feel protective in nature.

The rain blanket also fulfills the purpose of washing away things like dirt, footprints, and more as the intensity of the rain goes from a light mist of rain to one of more substance.

The fact that water is one of the four elemental spirits isn’t lost on me either.

The other three fire, air, and earth elements all work to support and leverage what water brings to us.

They say that water is one of the most important sustaining elements for us human beings. We can go longer without food than we can without water.

Again, we see this cycle of the 4 aspects of self-emerge in even the rain blanket that covers the valley.

Learning to recognize the 4 aspects of self and learn to recognize what you are doing to sustain the development of all aspects of yourself is as close to nature as the four elements are nature themselves.

I am learning that spirit, for me, is nature.

Accepting that nature nurtures us and provides examples of developing ourselves in the four aspects of self is something to have gratitude for every day.

What are you doing to nurture the four aspects of yourself? What is your relationship with nature? While I don’t consider myself an expert, I have guided many times, and if you need support on your journey, I am here to guide you.

Love N Hugs,



P.S. As I was looking for pictures for this article I found one of the babies in the blanket. That is what that feeling that the weighted blanket is like. A warm, secure, reassuring feeling of being wrapped in a baby blanket and knowing you are safe, cared for, and comfortable. That's what today's blanket of rain is to remind us that we are loved, cared for, and if we are open to nature we too can feel the love and comfort that it brings us. Let us ensure we take care of nature so we feel cared for ultimately.

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