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Receiving a gift . . .

When you think of a gift your mind may very likely go to your birthday or perhaps a holiday when you received some special item. I suspect that you probably don't recall what you got for your 1st or 6th birthday though they could have been special at the time.

So what gifts do you remember, and why?

I always reflect on two specific gifts I have been given. My children. I love them so much and I am so proud of the human beings they have grown up to become. It's not about what they do that makes me so proud as a parent, it's about who they have become on their own as adults.

Not all gifts in my life are of the human form. Today I am reminded to share my gifts and I have a very special one for you, it's for you and humanity as a whole.

You see sometimes the things we learn in living our own life when shared may help others to live theirs more fully. That is a gift to live life more fully!

So from me to you, enjoy!!

Best wishes for a special day,


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