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Passing, Pretty, and Pan - The 3 P's

In the series recognizing Pride Month in June this piece shares some insight into the idea of privilege.

What do the 3 P's of passing, pretty, and pan have to do with privilege?

I am glad you asked.

Each of the 3 P's has a process of acceptance;

  • Will I pass well enough?

  • Am I pretty enough?

  • Will anyone like me?

As you work on each aspect to accept yourself, the conversation starts to sound like,

  • I am a woman

  • I am beautiful

  • I love myself

There is another aspect to the 3 Ps. While not completely applicable to everyone this is my lived experience so it's valid as it applies to my experiences.

  • If I am a woman then I can date as me

  • I am attractive

  • I can date anyone

So that means I have visual perception privilege over those who are still working on their journeys or haven't arrived at the same place I am.

Please be aware not everyone wants the same journey as I have been on and that does not diminish their journey or their identity at all.

If you ask my friends I have been keenly aware of my privilege as a transgender woman.

What this means is I gain another privilege, the idea of being seen as straight when with a partner perceived as of another gender, in short, we get perceived as a man and woman together which adds another privilege of perceived safety.

In an era where we need to be aware and acknowledge our privilege and then use it for the betterment of others, I will continue to elevate awareness of acceptance through this blog after June, not as a special series but as part of educating and informing about acceptance.

In Pride and Solidarity,


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