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More Evolution Unpacked

I can see by the activity of my SEO analytics that many of you are taking time to watch the video I released last Friday, An evolution of Acceptance without Understanding.

If you haven't you can follow this link:

It's not really an evolution but rather a clarity that I stated properly for once.

In saying Acceptance without Understanding I have never said;

  • that you do not need to understand

  • that you must just accept

  • that acceptance is an agreement


I have said that in adopting Acceptance without Understanding that;

  • that you need to accept everyone as human beings on their own unique journey in life

  • you must accept yourself first if you are asking others to accept you

  • that you accept what someone believes even if that is against you but you do NOT need to accept that in your life

Like all philosophies for living your life more holistically, there are nuances that need to be understood when putting against real life that each of us lives every day,

I use this blog and social media platforms to share with you free content to help you grasp some of the complexities, but those that truly get value are the clients I work within my coaching practice.

While I am in a building phase of my business, I am finding very creative ways to work with folks. If you are interested lets chat and see if I am the right coach for you.



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