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Love Lifts Us Up

This post is a result of a very emotional night and this morning hearing the song Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong as sung by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes.

I will come back to the song later.

Now before you read on, it will be helpful for you to understand an aspect or two of my spirituality. My spirituality is born of a culmination of various parts of many spiritual practices from ancient beliefs, to present practices and new age spirituality.

It is of course influenced by my Irish Protestant upbringing, converting to a practising Roman Catholic including teaching Cathechism and now to my universal spirituality.

I believe the universe is always communicating with us and trying to teach us lessons in order to advance our spirit. The universe will keep sending us these messages until we get it. In its own unique and perverse way, the universe keeps escalating the intensity of these encounters until we hear it.

I also believe that the spirit within me is pure love.

Back to the emotional night.

I don't believe I had missed the messaging before, in fact, I have been very attuned to the universe, it is a new moon phase after all. I am not a practitioner of reading moon and star patterns, although I do engage in a daily horoscope.

A close friend and I were catching up and talking about relationships, in a future context where I am concerned. It was during this conversation that I triggered myself and I had to end our chat to honour and process the feelings that had surfaced. After a very emotional three hour session including live journaling, I captured the feelings with words to hold them. It is about so much more than just that future context we were discussing. In reflection after the fact, it was about relationships past, present, and future.

When you believe you have processed any thoughts and feelings but there is a residual the universe will not let you get away with it, I know I have some more work to do on these feelings and emotions. I thank the universe for that insight.

So what about the song?

By examining a few verses of the song I will share with you the insight I believe that was meant for me to hear.

Who knows what tomorrow brings In a world few hearts survive All I know is the way I feel When it's real, I keep it alive

Now more than ever in my life this is a time where who knows what tomorrow will bring. We know it is taking lives and not everyone will survive.

I know my feelings were triggered by future thoughts of a relationship, in a time where the new moon and its location to the stars put in a place where relationships are a key focus. I need to keep my belief alive that I will have that future relationship.


The road is long There are mountains in our way But we climb a step every day

This is simply a metaphor for life. We have challenges we must step up to and as I have said elsewhere before, like a clock we can only move forward. We recognize and acknowledge our past but we can't go backwards in time.


Some hang on to used to be Live their lives looking behind All we have is here and now All our lives, out there to find

Oh so true, there are those who try and understand life before they accept it, they pause. While they pause their life to look behind, the rest of us move forward in life.

All we ever have is today, here and now! I am travelling to find ALL of me that wasn't accomplished from the relative comfort of a privileged life I was leading. I have become a minimalist, travelling the world, on pause in Colombia due to COVID-19.

What is real for me is the here and now, today!!


So why share this I can hear some of you saying, simple - to lead!

You see being a leader means being vulnerable in order to lead people.

A coach is a leader, they are not right for everyone, nor the right coach for every situation in a person's life. Only those that get my message may align my work with their needs.

This world needs more acceptance and the future is feminine. The world needs leaders who can be successful in a human-centric world. We have tried other systems and they are not working and completely failing some societies today.

Perhaps I am the coach for you to develop your leadership aspirations, after all, you are a leader in your own life!

Start Leading Your Life!

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