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It's about votes not gender

The Conservatives have been in power for 12 years, and in that time, they have overseen a decline in public services, an increase in inequality, and a rise in poverty. They have also cut taxes for the wealthy while raising taxes for working people.

The Conservatives have failed to address the climate crisis, which is the most significant feminist issue of our time. A report by the Climate Change Committee found that the UK is not on track to meet its climate targets.

Instead of addressing these issues, the Conservatives are trying to divide the country by scapegoating minorities and immigrants. A recent poll by YouGov found that 52% of Britons believe the country is more divided than it was five years ago. The Conservatives also try to distract voters with social issues like "wokeness" and "transgender people."

The Conservatives lost ground in the recent local elections, suggesting that their divide-and-conquer strategy is not working as well as it used to. As a result, voters are becoming more aware of the Conservatives' failures, and they are looking for parties that will address the issues that are important to them, such as the cost of living, the NHS, and education.

The Conservatives must show they are willing to listen to ordinary people's concerns and develop policies to help people, not just the wealthy and powerful.

We need to stand up to the Conservatives and their divide-and-conquer tactics. We need to vote for parties that will fight for the interests of all people, not just the wealthy and powerful. We must build a more just and equitable society that works for everyone, not just the few.



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