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How is your men’s erg doing?

Do you have a men’s ERG group?



This is one of my conversation starters these days as I explore all aspects of gender beyond women & LGBTQIA+, including my Trans siblings, but it also includes men.

After all, I have 50 years of male thinking to overcome in a lifelong journey of learning to be my authentic self finally.

As someone who self-describes herself as having the superpower of One Leader with Two Genders of experience, I am not surprised at the first two reactions I get when asking that opening question.

The first reaction is a look of questioning me but not saying the words, why? Or, as I chat with some folks, it becomes clear they never thought of it and are surprised by the topic.

I acknowledge that men enjoy a gender-based privilege, even if it is unconsciously; all men enjoy the bias that comes from that privilege. As with almost everything in life, it is not equitably enjoyed in the same way by all men, as an alpha male culture resulting from the patriarchy can be toxic to men as it is to women and all others.

The second reaction is questioning why?

The insights I have gained using this superpower of One Leader with Two Genders are eye-opening to many folks I speak to. The purpose of a group is not to defend gender-based privilege. In fact, men collectively need to own that on their own. It is also not a place to defend “Not All Men” either. It is about a safe space for men to do that work with each other and work on so much more to live authentic lives where they are comfortable in their own skin and identities as men.

Do you need help exploring this conversation around creating safe spaces for men at work? Let’s start with a conversation.

If you face any obstacles in your work related to this topic or other gender-related topics, feel free to contact me at for expert consulting and advice. I am always ready to offer my assistance.



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