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Gender Diversity Calendar 2024

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Welcome to our Gender Diversity, Sexuality, Gender, and Privilege-focused Diversity Calendar! This calendar is a specialized resource centered on fostering understanding, awareness, and inclusivity within these critical intersections of human rights. It's designed to provide insight and recognition for important observances, events, and historical milestones directly related to gender diversity, sexuality, and privilege.

Unlike comprehensive calendars that cover a wide spectrum of cultural, religious, and national observances, this calendar deliberately focuses on these specific areas, aiming to create a concentrated resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding and commitment to these vital aspects of diversity. We've curated this calendar with the aim of highlighting the nuanced and essential aspects of gender identity and expression, recognizing their significance in promoting a more inclusive and empathetic world.


  • January 15: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (honouring the civil rights leader who spoke out against racism and sexism)


  • LGBTQ+ History Month

  • February 13: Galentine's Day - Celebration of friendship (regardless of gender or orientation)

  • February 14: Valentine's Day - Celebrating Love in All Forms


  • Endometriosis Awareness Month

  • March 8: International Women's Day (celebrating the achievements of women around the world)

  • March 20 - 24: National LGBT Health Awareness Week (raising awareness about the health disparities faced by LGBTQ+ people)

  • March 20: Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQ+ Awareness to Celebration Day (honouring the unique experiences of Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQ+ people)

  • March 31: International Transgender Day of Visibility (celebrating the visibility of transgender people around the world)


  • Celebrate Diversity Month

  • April 6: International Asexual Day

  • April 9: National Equal Pay Day

  • April 26: Lesbian Visibility Day

  • April 22 - 28: Lesbian Visibility Week


  • May 8: National Day for Staff Networks 

  • May 17: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOTB)

  • May 22: Harvey Milk Day (Honouring the LGBTQ+ Activist)


  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month

  • June 28: Stonewall Riots Anniversary (1969) - Pride Day


  • July 2: Sylvia Rivera's Birthday (honouring the transgender activist and co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front)

  • July 14: Nonbinary People's Day (celebrating nonbinary people around the world)


  • August 19: World Humanitarian Day

  • August 24: Marsha P. Johnson's Birthday (honouring the transgender activist and co-founder of the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries)


  • September 23: Celebrate Bisexuality Day

  • September 23 - 29: Bisexual Awareness Week

  • September 26: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (raising awareness about violence against women and girls)


  • October 4 - 10: National Suicide Prevention Week (raising awareness about suicide prevention)

  • October 11: National Coming Out Day (encouraging LGBTQ+ people to come out to their friends and family)

  • October 16 - 22: National Bullying Prevention Week (raising awareness about bullying and promoting kindness and respect)

  • October 18: World Menopause Day

  • October 20th - 26th: Asexual Awareness Week

  • October 26: Intersex Awareness Day (raising awareness about intersex people and the issues they face)


  • November 1 - 30: National Native American Heritage Month (celebrating the contributions of Native Americans to American society)

  • November 8: Intersex Day of Remembrance/Solidarity

  • November 13 - 19: National Transgender Awareness Week (raising awareness about transgender people and the issues they face)

  • November 19: International Men's Day

  • November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance

  • November 25: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (raising awareness about violence against women and girls)


  • December 1: World AIDS Day

  • December 10: Human Rights Day (celebrating the fundamental human rights and freedoms that all people are entitled to)

  • December 20: International Day of Human Solidarity (a day to celebrate our unity in diversity)

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