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Did you know we consult?

This past weekend, just before the Independence Day holiday here in Colombia I updated the description of my services.

I am pleased to re-introduce you to the services I have created for you. I want to reintroduce you to my consulting practise as it aligns with my 30+ year experience. I am looking for interesting projects where I can make a difference.

I always appreciate your feedback as I work to improve myself and my business every day

Consulting Service Description:

The world has changed in a short time, are you struggling to redefine your business in response to these changes?

Has your culture been adaptable to a shift in remote work, has your technology adapted as well? Has your leadership shifted, or are they struggling to manage people not in front of them? Have you been responsive to your market and communicated the adaptations made to continue serving your clients? Did your strategy prepare for and adapt with you to these times?

Over the 30+ years of my executive and board career, I dealt with these issues and more, creating long term strategies for such occurrences to continue serving clients in the manner they choose you for initially.

The impact of social change during a pandemic is changing the face of organizations in their client's eyes. I work with businesses that seek a way to create an organizational culture you want, be a more empathetic workplace, design your business for greater diversity, and to be seen as socially relevant in your communities in which you do business.

Here are what others have said about working with me;

"I've met many CIO's and business technology thought-leaders. None have been as clear as Cynthia about her company's strategy and what is truly valued." - Kelly Money, MTS, Vendor

"Cynthia is articulate and organized in sharing her thoughts of best practice models that continuously add value" - Alan Dewar, Executive VP, a former co-worker

"she has that ability to combine technical requirements, and business needs to come up with efficient solutions. She does not box herself into textbook practices, and she does not ignore the unique potential of non-traditional technology. Any organization or individual should be flattered to have Cynthia associated with them." - Jason McFeetors, CIO Peer

Cynthia is a technical visionary, and she is passionate and business savvy." - James Governor, Analyst/Founder, Redmonk

Cynthia is a forward-thinking IT executive who has a deep appreciation of the potential for technology to not only achieve the goals at hand but to improve the process and raise overall efficiency from both a technical and financial perspective. Her forward-thinking illustrates that smaller firms can be equally creative and benefit as much from strategic IT investments as can their larger brethren. - Clay Ryder, Analyst & Marketer

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