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Did you know we are a Keynote Speaker?

This past weekend, just before the Independence Day holiday here in Colombia I updated the description of my services.

I am pleased to re-introduce you to the services I have created for you. I want to end this week's reintroduction with my speaking services. What is one of life's greatest fears for many people I love doing, public speaking. The energy exchanged between speaker and audience while sharing stories that educate, illuminate, and feel is so powerful. I am always looking for engagements that align with the messages I can customize and deliver.

I always appreciate your feedback as I work to improve myself and my business every day

Speaking Engagement Service Description:

A speaker with stage presence who can engage your audience in thought-provoking subjects with creativity and heart? Speaking to such timely topics as Gender, Diversity, Leadership, Strategy and more, then look no further.

Through her unique lens on life, Cynthia is a speaker who shares insights that connect with audiences on every level. Applying these insights through her coaching practice provides insightful stories that inspire and move audiences through life-changing stories.

Cynthia has been described by past audiences as;

“… an inspiring and positive speaker… able to connect with the listener on every level.”

“… communicates in an easy down to earth way.”

“... positive attitude and demeanour she exudes, make her an amazing lecturer and teacher for those within hearing distance.”

“... she’s an amazing positive prolocutor, can’t wait to hear her again.”

Cynthia is an award-winning executive and board member. She is a well-spoken presenter and is well-publicized with media, analysts and business communities. She has extensive presentation experience with over 200 in-person events in 17 countries.



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