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Did you hear we coach?

This past weekend, just before the Independence Day holiday here in Colombia I updated the description of my services.

I am pleased to re-introduce you to the services I have created for you. I want to begin with coaching as it's what I spend most of my time doing right now, although I have time for a handful of new clients.

I always appreciate your feedback as I work to improve myself and my business every day

Coaching Service Description:

Are you not feeling aligned in some aspect of your life? Whether that be personally, professionally, or fulfilling your life’s goals.

Are you seeking more exceptional professional achievements? Is it the search for a more fulfilling life? Do you want to have more harmonious relationships with coworkers, partners, and others? Perhaps you want to be more in control of the intricacies of everyday life?

I work with all individuals who are seeking these goals and more in their life. At the same time, I specialize in helping women and 2SLGBTQIA+ people in their professional careers.

I work with businesses as well that seek a way to create an organizational culture you want, be a more empathetic workplace, design your business for greater diversity.

I apply the philosophy of acceptance without understanding™ in your life, career, or business. Through this unique lens on life, Cynthia applies the lessons and insights from over three decades of experience in her coaching practice to create life-changing experiences for her clients.

My mission is to help you find your hidden potential and give you all the necessary tools to develop and grow. We do not have a program we put everyone through; each client is unique, and so is our approach to unlocking your human potential.

Are you interested to see if I am the Coach for You?

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