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Con Amor Y Abrazos de Colombia

With Love and Hugs of Colombia is the literal translation from Español (Spanish) to English (Inglis).

There is a story as to why I use this saying, of course there is otherwise there wouldn’t be a written piece about it, you know that.

Its origin is only a few years old, so not an ancient lesson that’s for sure.

There was a time I couldn’t say the word “love” other than for two very dear souls in my life, my children. For them, I am always happy to show and share my love.

Outside of just them, it was not a word I could say and mean, at least for a few years.

You have to understand that blocking the word did not happen overnight nor in a single instant, it evolved as my life evolved.

Many other articles I have shared the details of my gender history, so I won’t repeat it again for the sake of regular readers. I would encourage you if you came across this article go take a look at other content I have shared on various platforms including my primary blog on

When I realized that the word was a block it required intentional action as it was not a word block but an actual feeling block towards others who were not my kids.

You see when you are like a flower, whose petals are opening for the first time, the sun which is loving and nourishing to you can feel so harsh. Like that flower, I needed to nurture my newly emerging feelings, make space for them to exist without trying to understand them first.

The depths of what I understood was love has been tested, crushed, and disposed of. I had to recycle and reprocess it into something new. It is from that emergence of acceptance that using this phrase comes from.

True love as I see it is Love and Acceptance, while we talk about the concept of unconditional love there are always conditions! Perhaps unintentional but they exist.

Love and Acceptance combine two very powerful beliefs, a belief in love and that it’s worthy to be open to; the second is acceptance, in context with love it means to be accepted as who you are without improvement required or conditions needing to be met including any false expectations put upon you by others. So, Love and Acceptance is to be loved for who you are!

The plan to address this emerging feeling that was blocked was very simple actually. The first step was to fake it until I make it. In other words to use it in a limited context until I felt it. The second step was to do the deep work to uncover the root cause of the block and address it. I have done a lot of deep work in order to believe in love again. I use the word when I mean it when a connection is intimate (close and bonding) between friends, between lovers, and to describe those events, organizations, experiences, and items that mean so much to me that they feel intimate in their meaning or connection.

This doesn’t mean all’s good, I continue to do the deep work in order to leave my personal baggage behind and be a more loving person than I already am.

I know, your asking yourself at this point so what about using the Spanish phrase?

When I first started I signed off communications with “Hugs”, I still do! It was an expression of a feeling that was real and heartfelt for me. It is also short to type out quickly to share an emotion with the receiver.

As I have continued the deep work I started to use Love and Hugs in a limited capacity, evolving to Luv N hugs in a wider capacity as I could feel and share that more openly.

You see to feel yourself full of love is an amazing feeling when there wasn’t a feeling like that there before. It is like that perpetually refilling cup that is neither half-full nor empty, it is refillable! The more I freely give my love the more I get, without conditions, with acceptance.

When I arrived in South America, Chile was my first stop, I was introduced to the greetings of hugs and kisses on the cheek. Depending upon where you are in Latin America the number of kisses will vary so will which cheek gets kissed with one, two, or even three kisses on alternating cheeks.

The Latin American people are so passionate and loving, while it can be intense for those unaccustomed to it, it is a beautiful way to live.

I was to spend my first 4 months of 2020 in Latin America, a month each in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico before heading to Asia. I am in my 5th month due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions, starting my 3rd month in Colombia in the city of eternal springs, Medellin.

I have been trying to learn Spanish on my own and I am increasing my comprehension faster than my linguistic capabilities.

So as the old saying, When in Rome do as the Romans do, I am putting that passion to practise and practising my writing skills by saying;

Con (With) Amor (Love) Y (And) Abrazos (Hugs) de (From/Of) Colombia.


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