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Celebrating Ingenuity: Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31st marks Transgender Day of Visibility, and it's the perfect time to shine a light on the remarkable contributions transgender people have made to our world. While society often focuses on challenges the trans community faces, today, we celebrate the immense talent and innovation that transgender individuals offer.

Did you know that many everyday items and groundbreaking discoveries were made possible by the brilliance of transgender minds? Let's take a moment to honour a few of these remarkable pioneers:

  • Lynn Conway:  A computer scientist and engineer whose revolutionary work in microchip design laid the foundations for the powerful computers and smartphones we use today.

  • Martine Rothblatt: An entrepreneur who founded United Therapeutics, a company leading the fight against pulmonary hypertension. She also spearheaded satellite radio with the creation of SiriusXM.

  • Ben Barres: A neurobiologist who made significant advancements in our understanding of the development and function of the nervous system. He was also a powerful advocate for gender equality in science.

  • Jennifer Pritzker: A philanthropist and investor who founded the Tawani Foundation, supporting initiatives focused on the environment, human rights, and military history and policy.

These are just a few of the countless examples of transgender inventors and innovators shaping our lives. Their work reminds us that talent and creativity know no gender boundaries.

Let's use this Transgender Day of Visibility to promote understanding, celebrate achievements, and uplift the transgender voices that enrich our world.

Please Note: This is still a tiny snapshot. Consider continuing your research to discover more inspiring transgender individuals and their contributions to society.


With over 25 years of dedicated leadership in the corporate, feminist, and LGBTQ+ realms, with a profound commitment to LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, I’m thrilled to be recognised by the British Diversity Awards. I stand ready to support, consult, educate, and advise on your next diversity challenge. Your journey towards inclusivity begins with a conversation. Reach out to me at with any inquiries.



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