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Acts of Service

Recently, King Charles the 3rd and his queen were coronated, and their celebration continued over a weekend. The final day of that weekend was declared an official day of service. The King requested that people across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth perform acts of service for others.

That day, I followed my usual routine, including self-care, to prepare for the upcoming week. As a full-time diversity and inclusion professional, it is essential to take care of myself, particularly during times of extreme prejudice and bigotry in society.

The King's request prompted me to consider what active service entails and what I could do. My everyday work aims to enhance people's lives and society without any personal agenda except to leave the world better than I found it almost six decades ago or experienced it in the last seven years.

The foundation of my work is the practice of acceptance without understanding others. I accept their life experiences without the need for comprehension. Accepting people for who they are, regardless of their religion, nationality, race, accent, ability status, socioeconomic status, sexuality, gender, etc., is the most selfless act of service one can provide to society.

What did you do to serve society on that day or perhaps every day?



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