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Acceptance without Understanding™ - WHY

Why is it that when someone says they love you or give you an accolade, you think to yourself or say to them, why?

It appears to be a North American, not exclusively, the cultural norm to ask why. We are taught that in school, work, and as parents.

While I am not a cultural anthropologist, it is clear to me that this phenomenon is centred on understanding before accepting.

In other words, I will not accept you until I understand you. If I don't understand you I will not accept you.

This is really a mindset that we see in the headlines and news stories, it's ultimate goal says division, not inclusion. It focuses on our differences rather than our similarities.

If you think of love regardless if it's the love of self or of another if our response is why are we not wondering why would you love me, what's in me to love?

If we begin to think of acceptance without understanding™ as a way to celebrate our similarities first and then allow us to discuss our differences to gain understanding, it becomes a more egalitarian way to proceed.

It is from this point of view that I launched CAF Services as a way to provide services to all folks, but with a specific focus on 3 areas;

  • Women, because there are not enough women in leadership and in the boardroom in business.

  • LBGT+ community, an underserved community that is not represented equitably through Diversity Equity and Inclusion in workplaces.

  • Business Owners/Organizations who wish to have Diversity Equity and Inclusion as pillars of their business/organization culture.

If you are curious how I can help you, lets chat: Book a 30 Minute Exploratory Call

Con Amor Y Abrazos de Colombia, Cynthia



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