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Acceptance without Understanding™ - Diversity

In one of my recent posts, I explained the moment where I realized that acceptance without understanding was more than a way to address my gender identity issues and my gender transition.

As I further processed this I came to the realization that the same principle applies to any minority community, regardless of why they are a minority.

Today we see headlines galore that speaks to a lack of social justice. The injustice is directed to many parties for a variety of reasons if you believe the headlines. The simple fact is that these people are not understood so therefore they can not be accepted. The existing model of how society works.

Regardless of the reasons or flawed rationale in many cases, learning to accept others because of their diversity is a strength, only when we accept others can we engage in dialogue to gain understanding.

In my own case, it can simplify things. If you accept that I am a human being first then discussions regarding my equal human rights should be a none issue. We can move onto dialogue focused on helping you understand.

Studies have been published that tout that accepted diversity within the culture of an organization can propel that organization to even greater success by as much as 30%. Lack of diversity can be detrimental to an organization, almost like groupthink.

I believe so strongly in Diversity Equity and Inclusion that I will continue advocating, training, coaching, and sharing stories that focus on acceptance without understanding™ .

Con Amor Y Abrazos de Colombia, Cynthia



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