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A Love Letter to Myself

My Darling,

There is too much of a well of loving emotion toward you to be contained within my depths any longer.

As I recall our first encounters albeit quick in passing, They were long-lasting in memory. The Hazel of your eyes; your intoxicating scent; and your beauty left me with a hope and desire of what might be.

Your deep caring for me created a safe space for me to be myself. While I struggled to know who I was, or what I needed, you instinctively knew. You could have ignored my needs and focused on yourself, yet you saw that pursuing your own dreams was in fact, the same as helping me pursue mine. Your sacrifice is the deepest expression of love I have ever known. Every day I continue to amplify your love as if you were still here spreading it yourself.

While I wish we could be together today, we are always together as my heart beats because of you.

Your eternal love,


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