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5 Steps to Awaken Your Awareness

Recognize - The need for change

Are you not feeling aligned in some aspect of your life? Whether that be personally, professionally, or fulfilling your life’s goals. Are you seeking more exceptional professional achievements? Is it the search for a more fulfilling life? Do you want to have more harmonious relationships with coworkers, partners, and others? Perhaps you want to be more in control of the intricacies of everyday life?

If these and other questions have you examining a need for a change in your life personally or professionally, then you have RECOGNIZED, the need for change.

Realize - Where are you currently

I have talked before about the four (4) aspects of self. Your Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, and Spiritual Self. Where is each of those aspects of self right now? Do you know where each element needs to do the work or even deep work? Have you done a self-evaluation on the gaps from your current state to a desired future state?

Grasping the current state and preparing yourself on the work required on each aspect of self is critical to being ready for a journey towards acceptance. You have REALIZED where you are at currently.

Reflect - Where do you want to be in future

If your preparing for a journey, then figuring out where you want to go is critical as a destination. What are your desired goals in life? What do your goals look like today? As you grow, so to can your goals evolve and change, and that’s ok. All you can control is your actions today, not tomorrow.

If you have done a GAP analysis, then you have REFLECTED on your goals in the future. Knowing where you are going is the key to moving in the correct direction.

Renew – Prepare yourself for your desired future

The hard part of the journey is each step, one at a time, one foot in front of the other. That’s how the route is travelled and how you need to do the work as identified in earlier steps. As you will not move in sequence in all four (4) aspects of yourself, each one will be at a different place on your journey.

Putting the philosophy of acceptance without understanding™ in your personal or professional life into action is how you RENEW yourself and create life-changing experiences.

Reality - Review & Re-evaluate

Getting to a point to accomplish a previously set goal is a fantastic accomplishment. Take time to celebrate and enjoy the success you set upon at the beginning of your journey. Take a moment to recognize your personal and professional growth that gets you to this point.

Reaching a goal is not an end of a journey; it’s the REALITY of the trip. Now is the time to repeat the process and explore where your next goals might be. As the journey is considered aspirational, the goals are simply checkpoints to know you are making progress and growing.

Start Your Journey Today

I hoped you enjoyed this piece and if you're committed to working on your personal and professional life I am ready to help coach you to awaken your awareness of the life and career you desire.

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