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3 Tips to deal with Glossophobia?

One of the greatest fears they say people face is public speaking, also known as Glossophobia!

Glossophobia, or a fear of public speaking, is a very common phobia and one that is believed to affect up to 75% of the population. Some individuals may feel a slight nervousness at the very thought of public speaking, while others experience full-on panic and fear. - Google Search

In an online group the topic of glossophobia came up so I have refreshed a previous post from 2021 to offer some tips for you.

I have been blessed to do 400+ lectures in 30+ countries. Online and in person with audiences of many thousands to a handful of people around a table. This international experience has given me insights on how to prepare for a presentation.

Here are 3 tips on how to reduce your fear of public speaking that I use often.

Nobody attends an event to see the speaker fail, the audience is cheering you on, albeit quietly and professionally.
Take 3 deep breathes! In each cycle breath in through your nose for a count of 4, hold for a count of 2, breath out for a count of 6. After 3 breathing cycles, you should feel calmer. ( I do this one EVERY time I speak before turning on my microphone)
If you are just starting public speaking on a new topic or as a first-timer, write out your script and practise reading it out loud to yourself.

My final thought's on Glossophobia is that it's tough to speak about something you aren't passionate about. I have done it, and it is a struggle. I get more anxious, and I forget the words more. I am not an authentic speaker when I do that.

I am passionate about the lectures I deliver by staying centred on the topic of gender. I am constantly challenged to expand the sphere of topics that intersect with gender. It was a human rights lawyer that once described my work as happening "at the intersection of human rights, sexuality, gender, and privilege". That's where I work with organisations to help create intentional cultures with safe spaces where people feel they belong. This applies to how it impacts women, LGBTIQ+, and Transgender people.

Through my superpower of One Leader with Two Genders of experience I want to help your organisation create safe spaces, reach out today to discuss your needs.



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